Welcome to Poles Wood Trials

For more than 60 years Poles Wood, just outside Brentwood in Essex, has been home to the Poles Wood Trials site.We’ve been here so long that we’ve seen our first riders become parents and then grand parents and at each step bring the next generation along when they’ve been old enough!

What to expect

The site comprises 10 acres of small hand dug gravel pits set in woods that are more than 100 years old. There are two areas; slops & pits and steps & obstacles.

We are a family run site and know what we like! We like trials bikes – we are not a motorcross site and do not want to encorage flying about at speed.

For avoidance of doubt we only allow trials bikes –

When you register to ride the site we ask you to tell us what you ride – applications from those riding MX bikes may be rejected.

Your permit to ride is renewed annually other than that you can arrive, pay and then play all day.

When you visit us

Poles Wood Trials are set in a large network of woods – the riding area is large but only a small part of the woods. To preserve the natural beauty we ask you to keep to the marked areas, the areas of Bluebells are not for riding!

Additionally we’re keen to keep clean & tidy – so if you bring it / eat it / use it please take it home with you rather than leaving it on the ground.