Online application

To Ride at Poles Wood please click on the links below. Here you will be invited to tick and read the disclaimer and pay your money. You will then receive an email with your permit to ride and a confirmation email with your permit to ride number. This should be kept safe printed off and brought to the wood each time you ride.

We have held the daily fee at £10 for the last 26 years! This has worked well for everyone. However getting insurance this year has proved very problematic. The good news is we have managed to get some. The bad news is its expensive! So, the new daily fee will be £15.

Every time on arrival BEFORE going through the gate you need to sign a disclaimer as well as writing down your membership number, name and car registration., The disclaimers will be proved next to the secure money box. There will also be a plastic bag to put it in with the £15 daily rider fee, before posting in The secure box.

Guest passes – Guests who wish to ride and are not permit holders are required to book a permit for the day online you will then receive a confirmation email that must be printed off and put in an envelope with your name, registration number and type of bike which should be placed in the entrance box at Poles Wood. As usual there will be a number change on the entrance gate from the 1st January.

The wood will be used for a number of trials by the Southend Motorcycle Club. The Trials days seem to be increasingly popular and Paul Nash is doing a grand job organising these days. No matter your ability I would recommend these to anyone. The wood will used for a number of trials by the Southend Motorcycle Club. The dates are : 23rd January, 13th February, 13th March, any other trials will be posted on Facebook. The wood will be open as normal for most of the day for the evening trials. For any all day trials the wood will be closed for practice. Any permit holders wanting to ride in the trials may do so and will be signed up as special members for insurance purposes for the day. To ride they need to introduce themselves to Paul Nash on the day.

The wood will also be used for Nuclear Races events Nuclear Rush  14th & 15th May and Nuclear Fallout 5th November.

Please don’t forget to close the entrance gate behind you as this stops 90% of “illegals” from entering the wood.

Please remember to put your form & money in the box before going through the gate. We take a very dim view of people’s excuses as to why they have not done this!

Please also help us to keep the wood safe by letting us know of any dangers. We are conscious, in particular, of dead trees or obstacles considered dangerous.

Please remember that the stream at the bottom of the wood belongs to the neighbour and is therefore out of bounds.

We have had several mammoth litter picking operations over the past few years and the wood looks better for it. Please take your litter home with you.

We are happy for permit holders to put up any information on the notice board.